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Have you ever wondered why two people with the same symptoms respond differently to the same medication? Do you wonder why you sometimes feel better but you don’t really feel well? The answers to these and many other similar questions are available if you know where to look and what other questions to ask. I […]

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As a client of Dr.D. you will have access to informative webinars on subjects such as high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux and many other symptoms. His in depth knowledge makes him a leader in the alternative health care field. Each segment gives you detailed resources into finding solutions what you are most concerned about.

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Beyond Medicine

By Dr D

Beyond Medicine, exploring a new way of thinking examines why so many people are suffering needlessly from unresolved symptoms and don’t know what to do. Not feeling well is not normal, but now there’s an answer. Dr. Richard DiCenso has identified the experience of constant unresolved symptoms as a Vicious Cycle Disorder (VCD). This experience is distinguished by chronic, low-grade symptoms with no apparent cause. He details the causes of Vicious Cycle Disorders (VCD) in this new book.

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Richard A. DiCenso, D.C., CFE, CDE1

  • Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Physician Acupuncturist
  • Certified Disability Examiner
  • Chiropractic Forensic Examiner


  • Date of Birth: September 04, 1947
  • Place of Birth: Warren, Ohio


  • 1965 – John F. Kennedy High School – Warren Ohio
  • 1969 – BS – Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Following his completion of a B.S from Ohio University he quickly realized his affinity for participation in the healing arts and engaged a curriculum that would give him access to additional training necessary to involve himself in the arts and science of both conventional and alternative aspects of both.

Subsequently he embraced the training necessary that would allow him to venture into both conventional and alternative approaches to healing. As he completed his training in pre-med he actively pursued the opportunities which would allow access to both. Having completed the essential requirements for admission he immediately qualified for admittance into conventional medical training and/or the best in a combination of both.

After reviewing the curriculum for both alternatives he realized that the first three years of both training were identical, however, the fourth year distinctly varied in that the options for creating treatment alternatives were significantly divergent in that the conventional solutions for intervention were limited to drugs and surgery, while the alternatives included a much wider range of options that included many different options such as nutritional intervention, numerous forms of alternative assessments, such as acupuncture, herbal interventions, psychological and emotional interventions, orthomolecular interventions and psycho-somatic interventions, as well as a wide range of yet to be incorporated alternative therapies.

So, while assessing the wide variety of opportunities he began to narrow his choices to include one of three institutions in the United States that incorporated both the conventional medical model, along with the numerous alternatives available in the world of options that existed beyond the convention model of drugs and surgery as the only opportunities.

Having already qualified for acceptance into both worlds he settled on a school in California called LACC which incorporated both the conventional and unconventional models for resolutions to common health care compromises.

During this time he was officially trained and certified in areas such as obstetrics, gynecology, minor surgery and numerous other conventional models of assessment and treatment, becoming qualified to participate in childbirth and performing minor surgery, in additional to many of the less conventional assessments such as orthomolecular medicine, trauma rehabilitation, forensics and a wide variety of alternative interventions.

At this point, having graduated a year ahead of his classmates he was invited to participate as the first Chiropractor to share in a hospital based internship at Cedars Sinai Medical Hospital as an intern in an experimental hospital based alternative care program in which various forms of, yet to be documented, therapies were explored and evaluated.

In addition, during this pre Chiropractic degree granted program he was named in “Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities and awarded an academic scholarship while pursuing his credentials as a certified and licensed Acupuncturist.

Subsequently, he was accepted and credentialed in a program from the Spine Institute of San Diego after a three year internship as an expert in trauma rehabilitation. Following this internship he spent five years becoming credentialed as an expert in Orthomolecular medicine, followed by an extensive program of Manipulation under anesthesia with hospital privileges at two prominent hospitals in Houston Texas with a subsequent intensive two year training and certification in Forensics, testifying as an expert witness in over 100 trauma related trials which still stand today as landmark resolutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the associated online legal websites, which document specifics of the trials and outcomes.

In the years that followed he acquired the following professional experiences, including credentials in over 200 additional areas of specialty, some of which are listed below under certifications.


1978 Team Health Care Consultant – West Coast Soccer League
1979 Location Care Provider – MGM Studios, Los Angeles, California
1980 Post-Graduate Preceptor – Cedars Sinai Hospital, Beverly Hills, California
1981 Founder/Director – Chiropractic Healing Arts Center – Quakertown, Pa.
1985 Founder/Director – New Life Chiropractic – Pittsfield, Ma.
1992 Director – Program Development Training – Canyon Ranch – Lenox, Ma.
1993 Owner/Director – Gold’s Gym & Rehab Center – Clearwater, Fl.
1994 Owner/Director – Beyond Fitness – Fitness Consulting – Safety Harbor, Fl.
1995 Director/ Center for Reconstructive Therapy-Palm Harbor, Fl.
1996 Director – Special Services – Palm Harbor Medical, Palm Harbor, Fl.
1996 Owner/Director – Tidewater Chiropractic – Portsmouth, VA.
1997 Associate Consultant –Virginia Chiropractic Center–Virginia Beach, VA.
1998 Director-Neuromuscular Rehab-FMP-Virginia Beach, VA.
1999 Owner/Clinical Director – Center For Health – Virginia Beach, VA.
2000 CEO/Clinical Director — Family Medical Associates – Virginia Beach, V.A.
2001 – Present CEO/Clinical Director – Matrix Transformation, Virginia Beach, VA.

1986 Hands On Healing – Workshop – Clinical application of Complimentary Care
1987 Development Training – Equine Manipulation – Workshops and Videos
1988 New Life Videos – Lifestyle, Diet, Exercise – Writer, Producer, Director
1989 Integrated Care workshops – The role of conventional medicine in alternative care
1990 Occipital Lift Technique – Developer, Teacher – workshops and videos
1991 Dichotic Dissertation – Behavior Modification Audio Tapes – Writer/Producer
1992 New Night Orthopedics – Co-Developer – Specialty Orthopedic Products
1993 Acupuncture Facelift Systems – Developer/Teacher – professional workshops
1994 Blended Medicine – Continuing Education Workshops – Holistic Nurses Assoc.
1995 Independent Medical Examiner – Third Party Assessments – Virginia Beach, VA
1996 Peak Performance – advanced training programs for athletes
1997 Integrated health care workshops–Physician training for coordinated care
1998-present – International public speaking -numerous private/professional groups/organizations on the topics of forensics, integrated care, clinical nutrition, whole person therapy, and Biological Fluid Analysis


Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Assessment
Applied Kinesiology and Rehabilitation
Flexion Distraction Disc Reduction Technique
Advanced Assessment and Management of Low back & Leg Pain
Advanced Appraisal/Care of Cervical hyper flexion/extension injuries
Advanced Trauma Rehabilitation of Soft Tissue Injuries
Radiological Assessment of Soft Tissue Trauma
Functional Medicine
Biological Medicine
Orthomolecular Nutrition

Accident Reconstruction
Chiropractic Forensic Assessment
Disability Evaluation


Certified Disability Examiner, CDE I
Certified Expert in Soft Tissue Trauma
Spine Research Institute Advanced Certification
Hospital Protocols
Manipulation under Anesthesia
Acupuncture and Pain Management
International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture
Therapeutic Nutrition and Metabolic Assessment
Diplomate of National Board of Chiropractic
Weight Loss Management, Fitness, Nutrition
Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional Deficiencies and Diseases
Clinical Nutrition
Ancillary Diagnostic Testing
Symptoms and Diseases
Adjunctive Physiotherapy
Pain Management
Sports Medicine
Fundamentals of Clinical Nutrition
Weight Loss Management, Fitness and Nutrition


Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities
Who’s Who in Cambridge
Academic Scholarship Award – Los Angeles College of Chiropractic
Top 100 Chiropractors in the U.S.


Board of Chiropractic Examiners – Colorado, Pennsylvania
Board of Chiropractic Examiners – Massachusetts
Board of Medicine – Virginia
Acupuncture – Board of Medicine – Virginia

American Academy of Pain Management
Life Extension Institute
Virginia Alliance for Health Care Freedom
American College of Forensic Examiners
National Board of Forensic Chiropractors
International Society of Police Surgeons
National Association of Disability Evaluating Physicians
Council for Chiropractic Hospitals & Convalescent Care

Doctor’s Hospital – New Boston, Texas
Vista Hospital – South Houston, Texas


Endorphins – Comprehensive Thesis – Physiology of Endorphins
Forty Days in February – Mechanisms and effects of therapeutic fasting
A Question of Balance – Integrated Care Strategies
Acid/Alkaline Balance – Mechanisms and effects of tissue acid burdens
Enzymes – Role of enzymes in regeneration of biological functions
Beyond Medicine – Exploring a New Way of Thinking
The Science of Successful Change


Health and Fitness Activities – Weight training, Power lifting, Skiing, Hiking, Research, Writing, Music, Multimedia Productions, Computers, Movies &Travel.

Dr. DiCenso is currently deeply immersed in ongoing education in the areas of neuroscience, stress physiology, psychology, neurophysiology, neurobiology, clinical nutrition and gastrointestinal pathology.