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Welcome to Matrix Transformation

Are you ready to feel better, AND feel well?

Have you been told by your doctor that "the symptoms are normal for your age"

Do you want to take charge of your health?

It's time for the Matrix Assessment Profile (or M.A.P.) and answers from Dr. DiCenso and the Matrix Transformation team. Now you can finally understand what's happening in the three major areas of your body that cause symptoms, and receive a protocol specific to your needs. Thousands of patients have told us how much the M.A.P. has helped them, and we'd like to help you, too.

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About Dr. D

Published author, international speaker, and complementary care expert, Dr. Richard A. DiCenso has over 40 years experience in treating the chronic symptoms of VCD utilizing a series of caveats to interpret the results of his Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P.). With his extensive clinical experience he is a ground breaking thought leader in the emerging field of “Whole Person Rehabilitation”.

Using his considerable background in human biochemistry and Orthomolecular Nutrition Dr. DiCenso has helped thousands of individuals around the world with undiagnosable symptoms to dramatically improve their health without drugs or surgery.

He continues to offer his expertise to an International Clientele with his Mail order evaluation – The Matrix Assessment Profile, detailed in his new book, Beyond Medicine, exploring a new way of thinking, which has received five stars from Midwest book reviews and


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Matrix Assessment Profile (M.A.P.)

The MAP is a home-based biological evaluation developed by Dr. D. that pinpoints and isolates the root cause of your chronic, unresolved symptoms. It includes a roadmap to correct those imbalances and deficiencies through colorful charts and graphs that suggest origin and source of the symptoms.

At Matrix Transformation we use the MAP to turn Symptoms into Solutions by looking at things nobody else is looking at in ways that nobody else is looking at them. We eliminate the guesswork and frustration associated with chronic symptoms for which you’ve been told are normal for your age, require more time and/or testing or are all in your head. We do this by isolating the cause of your concerns. By assessing the results of this simple mail order evaluation involving urine and saliva, we’re able to quickly and inexpensively offer you real answers, real solutions and real results!

Dr. DiCenso has provided care for close to one million clients over the last forty years, including celebrities such as Rachel Welch, Singer Bobby Mcferran, Producer Desmond child, Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan, Folk Legend Arlo Guthrie, Body builder Frank Zane, World Power lifting Champions Ed Coan, Fred Hatfield, and Magnus ver Magnuson.



  • Eleanora M. Woloy, M.D., Psychiatrist
    With years of clinical experience, well-placed patient histories, and a good sense of humor, Dr. DiCenso is able to walk us through the complexities of this human experience and point us toward a state of wellness.
    Eleanora M. Woloy, M.D., Psychiatrist
  • David B. Holt, M.D.
    Dr. DiCenso's insights into the body-mind connection and his descriptions of "Vicious Cycle Disorders" are no less than brillant. The tools he provides for actualizing our wellness potential have been invaluable for me personally as well as professionally.
    David B. Holt, M.D.
  • Richard G. Petty, MD
    Dr. DiCenso has created a wonderful healing system based on the essential truth that the future of the healing arts lies in the whole person therapy.  
    Richard G. Petty, MD


  • Amanda
    You talked to my boyfriend's uncle today.  He has struggled with his illness for 10 years and finally!!!!! He seems excited about treatment. I just wanted to thank you on behalf of his family and I...for the first time in years he sees the light at the end of the tunnel... and is looking forward to being well. You don't understand the condition he was in and how his spirit was broken. Today he smiled and said he is looking forward to getting well. I was sorry to miss your recent calls, but I will join the next one. I am so inspired by you. Thanks again.
  • Your friend BJM
    Dear Dr. D - You are amazing!  What a changed person I have become since I have met you!  Everything I was taught to believe about Fibromyalgia turned out to be false. And, you are right; everything is falling into place even with a few unfortunate circumstances.  The best thing so far is not to panic.  I can’t wait to tell others how easy it has been and without stress because when I e-mail a problem you have the answers, you are amazing!
    Your friend BJM
  • Randi W., Long Island, N.Y.
    It’s Gone - I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. None of the medications helped and the dietary changes made things worse. I had a consultation with Dr. D. and within three months of following the program he designed for me there’s no sign or symptom of the previously diagnosed Fibromyalgia.
    Randi W., Long Island, N.Y.
  • Joseph
    I’m just past my 3rd week of the 12 week process. My Diabetes has been reversed due to your suggested treatment. My a1c’s are now 5.7 down from 7.2. Thank you!
  • Sandra
    I found the MAP evaluation process to be very easy to use. It proved to be a very valuable tool, as it helped me to understand how certain deficiencies impact my overall health.

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